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Welcome to my homepage. Businesses and individuals can find my resume, learn about my programming and professional experience, and get my contact information to hire me. Friends can read my blogs and enjoy the rest of my site.

I currently work for Tokyo Electron America in Austin, TX USA as a Localization Engineer. I also provide freelance Web development, programming, and localization services. When I am not working I play Street Fighter (the video game) competetively in national and international tournaments.

Mark at IUC - Close up Mark at IUC - Kotobuki 
presentation Mark in Tokyo Mark in Tux Mark and Akiko - Kimono 




View my resume and portfolio of Web sites online, or download various offline printable versions of my resume.



I have a few professional and hobby blogs I author. My main blogs are on Japanese Localization, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, my personal programming blog, and a financial blog.

Book - SFAE Guide


I am the author of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Strategy Guide by BradyGames/Pearson Education. I am also working on a book covering advanced Japanese information processing.



Programs and online applications I am working on, or have done in the past. My interests include Web apps, Android, PHP, MySQL, jQuery and XML.

Personal Pages


Personal details, information, photos, Street Fighter, and whatever else I feel like putting up here, all about my favoriate subject: myself.

Contact Information


Contact info for business or hire me to do freelance programming, Web development, localization services, and other computer-related business.